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The Top 10 Money Articles I Wrote This Year

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What the FIRE Movement Gets Wrong about Money, Time and Happiness

Here's How Our Brains Are Tricked into Spending Too Much Money

What Giving $2.50 to a Children's Hospital Can Teach You about Money

This Is the Most Underrated Skill in Personal Finance

Buying Happiness

Financial Education Doesn't Work, Do This Instead

The Surprising Way Homeowners Use Their House to Build Wealth

This Is Why Taking Risks Terrifies You

How Wall Street Uses Complexity to Exploit You

Here's What Financial Trauma Does to Your Brain

How Tunnel Vision Leads to Poor Money Decisions

My New Book The Rational Investor Is Launching Today!

Guest Post: The 10-Year-Old Honda Civic Is the Only Status Symbol You’ll Ever Need to Show You’ve “Made It”

This Is the Most Important Financial Decision in Life

4 Irrational Arguments Against Investing in Index Funds

How To Build Financial Resiliency

Stick The Landing: A Rational Approach To Wealth Decumulation

Your Brain Is Secretly Sabotaging Your Financial Plan

Here Is the Easiest Path to Build Wealth

The Magic of Compound Interest happens At The End

Here's Why the U.S Stock Market Dominated the Last 12 Years

Stoic Alpha: How Philosophy Can Help Rational Investors Stay The Course

We Need to Kill the Idea of a “Starter Home”

Investing with Leverage Is like Cooking with a Really Sharp knife

The Problem With "Investing In What You Know"

How to Rewire Your Brain to Increase Financial Optimism

Extended Bear Markets Is Where Future Wealth Is Created

Stock Market Crashes Are Always Different But The Result Never Changes

How Dream Homes Become Financial Nightmares

Does Inflation Hedging Work?

Why It (Literally) Pays to Be a Rational Optimist

Does Strong Self-control Lead to Better Money Outcomes?

How War Impacts The Stock Market

Transform Your Relationship With Money In 30-Days

How to Build New Income Streams Without Burning Out

Should You Worry About Rising Interest Rates?

Yes, Investing Should Be Slow And Easy

Building Wealth Is A Simple 4 Step Process

Should you care about an inverted yield curve?

Which "Millionaire Habits" Are Useful And which Are Bull$hit?

Is Dollar-Cost Averaging A Rational Investing Strategy?

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The 30-Day Money Mindset Challenge: Discussion Thread

What Hockey Can Teach You About Investing

How Much Money Do You Need To Live Your Best Life?

Even in Great Years, the Stock Market Has Big drops

How to Spot an Investment Bubble Before It Pops

Are Solar Panels A Good Investment?

Buying The Dip Is Market Timing With Better PR

Wealth Building Tools & Resources

Why Do You Want To Improve Your Finances?

Detecting Bull$hit Is A Financial Superpower

The #1 Reason People Never Invest Their Money

4 Misunderstood Concepts In Personal Finance

4 Cult-Like Investing Communities

The Easiest Way For Index Investors To Lose Money

How To Navigate This Crazy Economy

No, 33% of Americans Making $250,000 Are Not Living "Paycheck To paycheck"

Take Money Advice from Millionaires, Not Billionaires

The Only Rational Way To "Beat The Market"

"I Can't Shake the Feeling That Investing in Stocks Is a Scam"

Yes, You Can Build Wealth Without Owning a Home

Here's Why You’re Bad At Trading Stocks

The 5% Rule to Renting Vs Buying a Home

Does Crypto Have A Place In A Portfolio?

How Wall Street Exploits Social Movements for Profit

How to Use Rules of Thumb to Manage Money

Chapter 19: Should you claim Financial Freedom As Soon As You Can?

Chapter 18: The 10% Rule: How to Reach Financial Freedom in Less Than 10 Years

Chapter 17: If You Want Financial Freedom, You Must Fight Lifestyle Inflation

Chapter 16: What About Real Estate?

Chapter 15: A Beginner’s Guide to Passive Investing

Chapter 14: You Need to Understand What Passive Income Is (And Isn’t)

Chapter 13: 4 Things Every Successful Side Hustler Needs Clarity On

Chapter 12: You Need Exactly 2 Income Streams

Chapter 11: A Simple Definition of Financial Freedom

Chapter 10: The Goals Based Budget

Chapter 9: The Biggest Financial Risk You’ll Face in Life

Chapter 8: A Beginners Guide To DIY Retirement Planning

Chapter 7: Everything You Need to Know About Debt

Chapter 6: How To Increase Your Savings Rate

Chapter 5: Why Your Net Worth Can Be Misleading

Chapter 4: How Much Money Should You Have in an Emergency Fund?

Chapter 3: Managing the Big 3 Living Expenses

Chapter 2: How to Track Where Your Money is Going

Chapter 1: To Be Great with Money, You Need a Powerful “Why”

Free Audiobook: "The Financial Freedom Equation"

Gold: Safe Haven Or Shiny Distraction?

Steal My 5-Step Plan to Slowly Build FU Money

What Is The Best Financial Decision You've Ever Made?

Private Equity: Good on paper, disappointing in reality

The Case For Getting Rich Slowly

What's The Money Problem You Can't Shake?

Hedge Funds—Higher fees, lower returns

4 Ways to Use Money to Become Happy

Preferred Shares: The Investment That Looks like a Stock and Acts like A bond

Every Money Decision Begins & Ends With Your Job

REITs: A Rational Way To Invest In Real Estate?

How Real Estate Fits Into A Portfolio

Dividends Feel Like “Free Money,” But They’re Not

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Beware Of Index Funds In Name Only

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Wealth & Happiness Is about Threading the Needle Between Time and Money

The Basic Math Of Actively Managed Mutual Funds

Here's the Exact Amount of Money That Buys Happiness

The Terrible Odds Of Picking Stocks

3 Mistakes That Smart Investors Avoid

4 Important Factors To Consider When Buying Index Funds

2 Numbers I Use to Measure Success with Money

How Much in Domestic Vs International?

9 Money Rules I Follow for a Stress-free Life

The Most Important Money Decision You'll Make This Year

How Much In Risky Vs. Safe Assets?

Preview of The Rational Investor

How Wealth Allows Us to Act Fearless

Diversification Means Buying Different Assets in Different Places

10 Side Hustle Rules I Will Follow Until I Die

Young People Have An Uphill Financial Battle

How to Finance Your Dream Life

Before You Quit, Here Are Two Financial Goals You Have to Hit

The Real Reason Young People Should Invest Heavily in Stocks

Chapter 3: Index Funds Are The Rational Way To Invest In Stocks

Steal My Blueprint to Build Generational Wealth

Chapter 2: Why Invest In Stocks?

If You Bought a House During the Pandemic Your Cashflow Might Soon Take a Hit

Chapter 1: Why Invest Your Money?

Focus on These 3 Numbers to Smash Your Money Goals This Year

Chapter 0: Why Passive Wealth Is Life Changing

Introducing Project "Passive Wealth"

Here Is the Brutal Truth about Passive Income